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Feeling sluggish, depressed, unmotivated? Having difficulty with emotional issues, digestion or concentration? You may benefit dramatically from a Panchakarma cleanse…. detoxifying through Ayurveda. Panchakarma (translated as five cleansing actions in Sanskrit) is a gentle, yet profound purification therapy, designed to reduce the body of toxins and balance doshic function, which cause disease and discomfort. Feeling good already? Panchakarma is supreme for disease prevention and life extension and is the heart of healing with Ayurvedic medicine.

When the energetic forces known as VataPitta and Kapha get out of balance, it lowers our digestive fire (agni), and toxins (ama) are created. The toxins enters into the blood stream, clogging the channels. It lodges into joints, muscles, organs and reproductive tissue, etc. This detriments our prana (life-force or energy), tejas (metabolic energy) and ojas (immunity).

A Panchakarma cleanse resets digestion and allows the body to do what it’s supposed to — detox naturally. We lose the ability to self-detoxify when we eat hard-to-digest foods, are overworked and stressed out. Cleansing enables us to get to the root of imbalances – rather than reducing symptoms – and has the ability to heal chronic conditions.